Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer

1. Hike. Visit the nearest jungle and be surprised to see what nature offers you. Don't forget to bring your digicam; capture whatever comes your path: an animal, a bird's eye view of your hometown, towering trees. Have important stuffs with you such as water, food, extra clothes and safety knives. Oh, an important reminder...make sure to go to the CR first before embarking on a long journey. I remembered the time we went on a hike with my stomach full...that call of nature was distracting!

2. Eat halu-halo. The very thing I like about summer is being able to eat this dessert. I wonder why they don't sell it the whole year round. Its mouthwatering ingredients, namely, nata, shaved ice, evaporated milk, yema, leche flan, beans, jackfruit, ube, gulaman, sago, pinipig, beat any food available down the streets.

Before eating the whole thing, I make sure I have consumed the caramel or yema. Why? Because my cousins will surely see me eating and will surely covet that sweet stuff!

3. Make money. You would not want to waste time doing nothing, so better use that golden opportunity to roll your sleeves up and stay productive! One great way to earn is to launch a workshop. If you are musically talented, you might want to set up tutorial lessons for kids; if you are a math wizard, you may offer the students math sessions. You can also do online writing jobs. Suite101, hubpages, and triond are some of the sites you could visit.

4. Attend camps. Joining such activities will help enhance your relational skills, physical being and even your spiritual life. Several Churches and Christian Organizations regularly launch annual camps. I spent most of my summer seasons attending such events. I always go home encouraged, refreshed and inspired.

5. Learn a new skill. Writing, playing the guitar, survival skills and self-defense are some of the choices. Having a friend who is expert on the field you have chosen is an advantage. You may also learn how to cook. Or speak a new language. Or even drive a car. The list is endless.

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