Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Bwaha! I'm back...and it's been a long time since I have blogged here. Ok, what has revived me to do this sort of time-consuming passion? The need to keep an account of present events that I/we may have something notable to dig in to in the future.

My week has been filled with surveying the cultural and historical background of Santa Maria, Laguna. Ate Narlie, a cultural education student of Letran Calamba, invited me to accompany her in her cultural mapping. What a privilege! Even if I'm busy preparing the historical gallery for our church's 59th anniversary (ok, that's another similar and exciting activity), I gave her time. While searching my blog and fb account for photos and articles of the past, I sensed the need to really take account of what happens now. One will never know how important it will be once he/she looks at those writeups in the future.

Here are some spoils of memories from the past:

I'm holding a portrait of our former mayor, Benjamin Real. The location of the shot was on our old municipal building.

Again, I have with me an old model of Canon camera owned by Mr. Ruben Vidal, a resident of Bgy. 2, Santa Maria, Laguna

Old teachers at an old building in SMES. At the center (with left hand on his hip) was Mr. Fidel Real, the District Supervisor.

A list of families who originated from our town.

An old phonograph.

Mr. Oscar and Mely Real's stuff.

Former Mayor Benjamin Real standing beside President Marcos.

Mr. Dan Real welcomed us in his abode and showed us a handful of old pictures stacked in his room.