Monday, March 21, 2011


5 Ways to Enjoy Summer

1. Hike. Visit the nearest jungle and be surprised to see what nature offers you. Don't forget to bring your digicam; capture whatever comes your path: an animal, a bird's eye view of your hometown, towering trees. Have important stuffs with you such as water, food, extra clothes and safety knives. Oh, an important reminder...make sure to go to the CR first before embarking on a long journey. I remembered the time we went on a hike with my stomach full...that call of nature was distracting!

2. Eat halu-halo. The very thing I like about summer is being able to eat this dessert. I wonder why they don't sell it the whole year round. Its mouthwatering ingredients, namely, nata, shaved ice, evaporated milk, yema, leche flan, beans, jackfruit, ube, gulaman, sago, pinipig, beat any food available down the streets.

Before eating the whole thing, I make sure I have consumed the caramel or yema. Why? Because my cousins will surely see me eating and will surely covet that sweet stuff!

3. Make money. You would not want to waste time doing nothing, so better use that golden opportunity to roll your sleeves up and stay productive! One great way to earn is to launch a workshop. If you are musically talented, you might want to set up tutorial lessons for kids; if you are a math wizard, you may offer the students math sessions. You can also do online writing jobs. Suite101, hubpages, and triond are some of the sites you could visit.

4. Attend camps. Joining such activities will help enhance your relational skills, physical being and even your spiritual life. Several Churches and Christian Organizations regularly launch annual camps. I spent most of my summer seasons attending such events. I always go home encouraged, refreshed and inspired.

5. Learn a new skill. Writing, playing the guitar, survival skills and self-defense are some of the choices. Having a friend who is expert on the field you have chosen is an advantage. You may also learn how to cook. Or speak a new language. Or even drive a car. The list is endless.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Surrender... giving your all to God not to earn His acceptance, but because you are already accepted humbly trusting Him as you pass through the furnace persevering even when things do not make sense
...standing on your decision to worship Him no matter what

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One convenient way to collect, preserve and share the materials you've made is by posting them at your blogsite. 

Monday, March 14, 2011


Apart from you
I was in darkness
Can't find a way
To mend the broken pieces of my life
Until You came and opened my eyes
You brought me back to life
And now I see your light

Chorus 1
I need your pow’r every minute every hour
Can’t live a day without your touch without a prayer
Come, fill my life You're all I need
Wanna get wired to do your will

Chorus 2
To lead the world to Jesus Christ
And live for Him with a heart on fire
His love brings out the best in me
His grace is so Extraordinary

You make all things new
I will live my life for you
You hold my world in your hands
I'll live according to Your plan
March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simul Justus et Peccator

This phrase, which means 'simultaneously justified and sinful' was used by Martin Luther to describe his condition as a Christian. We have been saved from sin's penalty, yet we need daily salvation from sin's power. Tullian Tchividjian continued, '...since the gospel is the “power of God for salvation” (Rom. 1:16), he knew that even for the most saintly of saints the gospel is wholly relevant and vitally necessary—day in and day out. This means that heralded preachers need the gospel just as much as hardened pagans.'

Source: Kevin deYoung, The Gospel Coalition Blog

Discipleship Session about the Last Days

The tragic state of Japan reported all over the world alarmed many of our youth members, old and new Christians alike. Prophecies in the Scriptures are proving themselves to be true. This is what made our  discipleship  session richer and more interesting. They start to ask questions and show their willingness to get involved in advancing God's Kingdom. The DVD source we used helped them a lot in knowing what the Bible predicted about the last days, that the tragedies happening around the globe are not just random events but are birth pains or signs of His coming. 

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, they understood the importance of knowing what the Bible says about the End Times. One of them said, 'it encourages us to be prepared for His coming.' Another added, 'it challenges us to really test whether we are in the faith.' They also realized that the wisest thing to do, knowing that the things of this world will fade away, is not to waste their time on temporary things. 

The session culminated into prayer. Many who were being invited decided to give their lives to Christ; some wanted to get assured of their salvation. The meeting got extended because some asked questions and shared what's on their mind.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Mga alternative na '18' sa iyong debut. Pili na!

18 chocolates
18 gadgets (yaman!)
18 havaianas
18 books
18 gift certificates
18 bags
18 sweets
18 notebooks/journals
18 fruits
18 artworks
18 dvd's
18 chucks
18 accessories
18 pets (imagine receiving a snake!)

Sana lang nagawa ko to nung mag-debut ako...hehe

Here Come the Forerunners!

      I can't help but to feel grateful with what God did today in our District Four Youth leadership event. He is indeed in the business of preparing and launching youth leaders in the 4th district of Laguna!
     Each of us were edified as we sang praises to God, shared our youth groups' updates and struggles, joined the games and listened to God's Word. The youth leaders' own stories reflect hope amidst challenging ministry experiences. Their unwavering faith is a testimony itself of God's zeal for His body.

     I was glad to meet new people, particularly the youth leaders from Kalayaan.
They are young Christians but are really zealous in serving God. We were even encouraged when Ptr. Raul shared his heart and dreams for the youth of District Four. During that time, I realized that the struggles each youth group are facing are just stepping stones to enjoy what God has in store for them (our group included!). Thank God for the wisdom He is laying in the hearts of His people. Thank God for such people who have the heart of a forerunner and are willing to respond to His call.

May this song (Awakening) be the prayer of our hearts:

In our hearts, Lord, in this nation    
Holy Spirit, we desire
For You and You alone
Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing
For the world You love
Your will be done, let Your will be done in me
In Your presence, in Your power
For this moment, for this hour
For You and You alone
Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing    
For the world You love
Your will be done, let Your will be done in me
For You and You alone
Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing
For the world You love
Your will be done, let Your will be done in me

Like the rising sun that shines
From the darkness comes a light
I hear Your voice and this is my
Like the rising sun that shines
Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing
From the darkness comes a light
Awake my soul, awake my soul and sing
"He must become greater; I must become less.”  John 3:30

Proud vs. Humble (by Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

Proud, Unbroken PeopleBroken People
(1). Focus on the failure of others(1). Are overwhelmed with their own spiritual need (Matthew 5:3, 7:3-5, Luke 18:9-14)
(2). Are self righteous; have a critical, fault finding spirit; look at own life/faults with a telescope but others with a microscope(2). Are compassionate; have a forgiving spirit; look for the best in others (Ephesians 4:32, Colossians 3:12)
(3). Look down, in a condescending spirit, at others(3). Esteem all others as better than self (Phil. 2:3, Rom. 12:10)
(4). Are independent; have desires for everyone else to meet own personal needs(4). Are dependent on God and His grace; recognize others’ needs and seek to meet them (2 Cor. 3:4-6, Phil. 2:4)
(5). Always manipulating circumnstances to maintain control; must have everyone do it their way(5). Surrenders control by giving freedom for others to do or see things differently (Rom. 12:1-2)
(6). Have to prove they are always right(6). Are willing to yield to the possibility that they could be wrong, and thus, yield the need to always prove they are right(Rom. 15:2)
(7). Claiming personal rights(7). Yielding personal rights (Eph. 5:21)
(8). Display a demanding spirit(8). Have a giving spirit (Rom. 12:13)
(9). Self-protective of time, rights, reputation(9). Are self-denying (Luke 9:23)
(10). Desire to be served(10). Are motivated to serve others (Matt. 20:26-28, Phil. 2:20-21)
(11). Desire to be a success(11). Desire to be faithful to make others a success (John 3:30)
(12). Desire for self-advancement(12) Desire to promote others (John 3:3)).
(13). Are driven to be recognized and appreciatedHave a sense of unworthiness; are thrilled to be used at all; eager for others to get credit, honors and awards (I Tim. 1:12-16)
(14). Cringe when others in the same field are praised, wishing it was them(14). Rejoice when others are lifted up (Rom. 12:15)
(15). Think ‘the ministry is privileged to have me!’(15). Think ‘I don’t deserve to serve in this ministry (2 Cor. 4:7)
(16). Think of what they can do for God(16). Know they can offer nothing to God, and seek for God to work through them in His power (Phil. 3:8-9, Titus 3:5)
(17). Feel confident in how much they know(17). Are humbled by how much they have not learned and wish to learn (Phil. 3:12, Prov. 1:7)
(18). Are self conscious(18). Have little concern with how others view them (Gal. 1:10)
(19). Keep people at arm’s length(19). Risk getting close to others; are willing to take those risks for the sake of love for others (2 Cor. 6:11-12)
(20). Are quick to blame others(20). Accept personal responsibility; can see and acknowledge personal failure (Matthew 7)
(21). Are concerned with being ‘respectable’(21). Are concerned with being real (2 Cor. 4:3-5).
(22). Are concerned about what others think(22). Know all that matters is God and what He knows (I Cor. 4:3-5)
(23). Work hard to maintain image and protect reputation(23). Die to own reputation (Phil. 3:7, Rom. 14:7)
(24). Find it difficult to share their spiritual needs with others(24). Are willing to be transparent with others (2 Cor. 1:12)
(25). Want to be sure no one finds aout about their sinAre willing to acknowledge and confess one’s sin; brokenness is the ultimate sign of personal success (Ps. 51:17)
(26). Have a hard time saying, ‘I was wrong. Will you forgive me’Are quick to admit fault and seek forgiveness (I John 1:9, James 5:1)
(27). Deal in generalities when confession sin(27). Deal in specifics (Ps. 51:17)
(28). Are concerned about the consequences of their sin(28). Are grived over the root of their sin (Ps. 51:5)
(29). Wait for other party to come and ask forgiveness in a conflict(29). Take the initiative to be reconciled; gets their first (Matthew 5:23-24)
(30). Compare themselves with others and feel deserving of honore(30). Compare themselves with God and feel desparate for mercy (Luke 18:9-14)
(31). Are blind to their true heart condition(31). Walk in the light of true knowledge concerning their own hearts (I John 1:6-7).
(32). Do not display any spirit of repentance, because they don’t need it(32). Continually display a spirit of repentance, sensing their need for fresh encounters with God and the filling of the Holy Spirit (Eph. 5;18), Gal 5:16)
(33). Spent time reading these words and wondering if _____________ was reading it(33). Thanked the Lord for using words on the internet to bring brokenness to their lives.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Troubles are God's Blessings!

Trials point us upward. Suddenly we'll realize that heaven is our home. After experiencing numerous troubles it dawned on me that God was redirecting my focus from the temporal to the eternal. Sadly, I have loved the world too much.

We were made for eternity. Realizing this truth releases in us the enabling power to stand firm in the Lord, knowing that the sufferings we are experiencing here on earth are temporary. (Phil. 3:12-4:1).