Friday, July 6, 2012

These are the books I treasure the most :)

This book was given to us by CBS Asia. 

I got this through some generous people who donated  to CBS Asia.

I only bought this book for 200Php. It's Kuya from CGM who
sold this book to me. I used to see him selling books in our seminary
and in one of the conferences. I like the way Mark Dever clarified the definition
of the Gospel and some misunderstandings about it.

Thanks to Sir. John Pesbre who compiled these statements. I put
small post-its to easily find the set of confessions

Thanks to Mr Mitch Glasser
who brought this to me for free. Actually, I
signed up to their site that I may have it. I wasn't
expecting that they will seriously send it. It has a great content
and has clearly proven through the Scriptures that Jesus is the Messiah

It's the first book I got which was written
by Dr. Ravi. I was a Philosophy major then
and was experiencing struggles in my faith. I then saw
the reasonableness of my faith.