Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessings Behind Pain and Injustice

Someone gossiped about you.

The one you trust betrayed you.

Your close friend abandoned you for another.

When we experience things such as these, how do we respond?

Do we bury them inside?

Do we blame God?

Do we look for an escape and go to another place?

Do we find a way for revenge?

Do we give up on God?

In times like these, it's very hard to think straight. You look for someone to understand you, but they're not around. Locked inside the cage of self-pity, you lack the strength to go on.

Yet, there is a way out. Faith is the way out. Oh well, this five-leter-word is power-filled. But before we discuss how faith delivers us, let's talk about what it is not.

Faith is not an intellectual assent. Many think that when they know facts about the Bible, they have faith. Faith is more about the condition of the heart and not the propositions inside the head. Faith is a deep, deep trust anchored on the Savior, not on situation, people nor possessions.

Faith is not a feeling. Feelings come and go. Faith is holding on to His Word even when the situation says otherwise. It is being persuaded that God will do as He promised, no matter what the situation. He will fulfill His purpose, not because we deserve deliverance, but because He is true to His Word.

If you have faith you'll think that the failure or hurt you're experiencing is not the end of the world. It changes your perspective regarding the things you are going through. You see yourself as a victor, not a victim. You are sure that God will make a way for you and are willing to wait on Him. And as you wait you don't get impatient nor in despair because you have tasted that God is better than any other answer or relief. You learn to worship Him for who He is, not because of what He can give or do. HE HAS BECOME YOUR TREASURE. And as you learned to delight in Him, you discover that the things in this world no longer holds you.