Sunday, December 18, 2011

Compelling Love

The leaders' meeting last night was memorable for me. I was so thankful with what God is doing among the youth ministry. He has blessed GMYX with faithful and passionate leaders.

After settling the technical stuffs involved in the Christmas concert, we shared what God has been teaching us personally. Tears welled down as one of us narrated how Jesus' sacrifice deeply touched his heart; others were grateful for experiencing God's faithfulness in their lives. It's beautiful to see His glory shining in our strengths and weaknesses. Truly our failures do not have the final word in determining the outcome of our lives--they are in fact God's instruments in bringing about the purposes He had in mind. It's a perfect platform for God's salvation to shine. 

This year has been challenging for me. After years of hardwork and meaningful planning in the ministry, God allowed me to pass through fiery trials. My faith and hope were shaken. I gave up dreaming for His Kingdom. I lived a safe life. I got caged in fear; painful memories paralyzed me. 

Yet it was during those moments that I experienced the power of God's truth. He performed what I could not do. All along I thought I could be in charge of my life and the youth ministry. I was so dependent of my own wisdom and the past experiences I had. But then I saw that God was the One working behind the scenes. He has been allowing things to happen by the 'good counsel of His will'. Therefore He is worthy of all praise in all the triumphs and trials I experience. In all these things I got to know how stable and unfailing God's love is. Successful ministry doesn't make God love me more; failures do not make Him love me less. This truth compels me to press on to know Him for who He is. ♫

Monday, December 12, 2011

GMYX 2011

GMYX Concert Video Promo

Bro. Lope's Notes

I found this newsletter entry last week when ate Flor was doing a general cleaning in our house. This was written 10 years ago  by Ka Lope Perez, our chairman. He passed away last 2003.

Veggie Talk

Top 3 Veggies I like:
1. Kalabasa Leaf
2. Camote Tops
3. Okra

Top 3 Veggies I don't like:
1. Kalabasa
2. Kalabasa
3. Kalabasa

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Sinner's Confession

All along I thought I was the one seeking God. He was the One seeking me. I was lost. He sent His Son to seek and save me. (Rom. 3:12,17; Lk. 19:10)
All along I thought I have the willpower to do what is right. My will is in bondage– I even did good works for my glory! (Rom. 3:11)
All along I thought I loved God first. I never loved God. Yet He was the One who had the initiative to love me. He gave His Son to die for me when I was still a sinner.(Rom. 5:8; 1John 4:19)

In times of lack, look...

It’s easy to get discouraged when things don’t go as we expect them to happen. Our tendency to focus on the things we lack hinders us to see what we do have in Christ . We tend to forget what God already did to us:
He elected us.
He called us through the gospel.
He gave us new nature.
He justified us.
He sancitifies us.
He glorified us.
Look at what He did! Look at Jesus Christ!

Monday, December 5, 2011