Thursday, September 15, 2011


Pride is making much of yourself and your suffering rather than God,
resenting the fact that God is God and you're not...that He is
in ctrl and He does whatever he pleases; not wanting Him to have
right with what to do with His creation.

WHy doubt? why worrY? God is sovereign. Don't you believe that?
Why overthink?Accept that The tragedies and pain were DESIGNED
by God not because He is malicious but He has a plan and HE is
GOOD. GOd is good. God is love. He can't work against His character.
YOu are His child. Why would He plan evil for HIs beloved?
He knows the plans He has for you...not to harm you. (Jeremiah)
We can't evaluate His goodness and 'Godness' based on the situation.
He has already proven His love 2000 years ago when He sent His Son.
God is good not just because He made you healthy, wise and rich; He
is good because gave His life for You when you were at odds against Him
(Rom. 5:8)

So remember that the reason why such thing is happening to you is that
GOd allowed it. Just commit yourself to Him, He'll do to you
what He did to Job. Wait on Him. His grace will sustain you.