Monday, July 18, 2011

Nang Ako'y Mabangga

After the practice I had dinner with Junifrio. We've talked about worship, music and other 'religious' stuffs. I borrowed David's book, the  'The Unquenchable worshiper'. "I'll return it agad bukas," I told him. It was past 9 when we parted ways and when I rode the jeep.

The jeepney halted just across BPI. As usual, sa Casubha parin ako nakatira. I went down, looked at the right side, and a little on the left. As I walked across the street, a speeding motorbike came by like a flying arrow. Blag#%^&#%#(!*#!!!!!!!!!   Para akong sinagasaang aso (hehe). All I saw was an approaching headlight and I never knew what happened next. There I was, lying unconscious in the middle of Lopez Avenue.

 I didn't know kung pano ako nakabangon. "Nabangga ako?!," saka ko lang na realize.

"Amazing!! I'm still alive!!" A woman passed by, "Sige, sumakay kana.." As she was saying that I saw my pink summery slippers in the middle of the street.

"Yung tsinelas ko po..."

Then, I saw a blood oozing from my elbow. I shouted, "Dugo!!!" at nag-panic na ako..
I was extremely shocked when I saw the driver, unconsious and with blood all over. Andun yung maraming tao. I thought he was dead. Nobody have noticed me except that woman who passed by. They brought both of us to lbdh. He was brought straightly to the ER, but I was there, outside. I was afraid to go wid him inside bec he was filled with blood.

I just stood at the door, looking at him.

"Ineng, pasensya kana ha?"

"Ok lang po," I answered gently.

After a few minutes, the music team came. I thought everythin was ok na until  the doctor saw my wound and said ,"naku, kailangang tahiin to."  HWHAT!!!?? no way! pero kelangan tlaga, wala akong magagawa. I was affraid of all of these: hospital, syringes, blood. this was the day of disaster, but the Lord was my support.

Aside from having 6 stitches, I also endured 4 AGONIZING injections: 2 anti tetanus shots, 1 ouccchhhhhyy skin test and 1 on my wound. Thanks to kya Rom's hand,the one I was holdin on while syringes were being injected upon me.After a while my family came. my mom's blood pressure soared and my father's stomach went into a revolution. We went home and i didn't play that Sunday.

The morning i woke up I couldn't walk and move my neck. I've got a big bruise on my left leg and several 'bukols' on my head.People visited me that day. they were amazed dat this was the only thing I got from that incident. Some exclaimed, "ang swerte mo naman," as if I cheated death.Napa 'praise the Lord' pa ung iba.

It's quite ironic that I was really amazed of all that happened. that deep, wide wound was an inch closer on my elbow. SOme said that if my elbow was the one that was hit, maybe i would live with an iron arm the rest of my days.

The man who had bumped me was more injured: his nose was broken and bleeding and he was confined in a day or two. He even cried, and his mother too. But everything between us was peace. My uncles got to know his father and theyve realized that it was a small world after all.

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