Monday, May 9, 2011

Transformed by Troubles

Paete General Hospital, May 6, 2011

1. Realized that life is short. I would not want to have any regrets the time I'd be on my deathbed.
2. I was in a hurry. Good thing God allowed this for me to slow down. Kinda painful yet rewarding afterwards. Recalled the things I'm passionate about; re-examined my motives.
3. God won't leave you in your valley moments. Trusting Him was a sort of struggle for me. But I was reminded once again that He is in control of my destiny and that His administration of my life is good. He guides my steps. 
4. Thankful for the people who prayed, supported and comforted me. 
5. Took this time to open things up with my family, which I never had the time and willingness to do. Haha, I believe that God orchestrated this thing. Such is kinda challenging for me to do.
6. Have decided that I must simplify my life. Finding yourself is finding His grace.
7. Have proven once again that God DELIVERS. He heals. He is merciful. The injections were painful; the medicines drove me if my strength was being slowly sapped. Yet He sustained me. 

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