Saturday, March 12, 2011

Discipleship Session about the Last Days

The tragic state of Japan reported all over the world alarmed many of our youth members, old and new Christians alike. Prophecies in the Scriptures are proving themselves to be true. This is what made our  discipleship  session richer and more interesting. They start to ask questions and show their willingness to get involved in advancing God's Kingdom. The DVD source we used helped them a lot in knowing what the Bible predicted about the last days, that the tragedies happening around the globe are not just random events but are birth pains or signs of His coming. 

Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, they understood the importance of knowing what the Bible says about the End Times. One of them said, 'it encourages us to be prepared for His coming.' Another added, 'it challenges us to really test whether we are in the faith.' They also realized that the wisest thing to do, knowing that the things of this world will fade away, is not to waste their time on temporary things. 

The session culminated into prayer. Many who were being invited decided to give their lives to Christ; some wanted to get assured of their salvation. The meeting got extended because some asked questions and shared what's on their mind.

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