Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bone of His Bone

At last, I was able to bring this book home. Thanks to CBSA, which is currently giving away disposed books. I think I'd be able to build a 'library' for our youth. We've been planning to put all our books together (Jester's, Sai's, Alexis' and mine) so that the youth may learn from them.

I'm very curious with what God is gonna show me through the truths expounded by Huegel. The reason why I got interested with this is that Kuykendall, the author of one of my favorite books (Here's Life) recommended it. I peeked through and found the points stressed in this book:

1. Instead of imitating Christ, we are to let Christ live His life through us in His power.
2. God must have our consent before He will work in our lives.
3. Being alone with God is worth much more than constantly being around others.
4. The amount of the divine life we experience depends on how much we let Jesus have His way with us.
5. Victory in our life is only achieved by death to self.
6. The devil uses many strategies to discourage and mislead us.
7. How to overcome the devil's strategy.
8. We will also be involved in Christ's Second Coming.

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