Thursday, August 26, 2010


I.                    The validity of God’s judgement (1-2)
II.                  Man’s inescapability from God’s Judgment (3-5)
A.      Of those who pass judgment yet do the same thing
B.      Of the unrepentant
III.                Rewards and punishment upon the Day of Judgment (5-11)
A.      Eternal life for those who seek honor and glory
B.      Wrath for those who reject the truth
IV.                Bases of God’s Judgement (12-29)
A.      The Law is the basis by which mankind’s deeds will be measured
1.       Gentiles, who are not under the law, will be punished apart from the law
2.       Jews, who are under the law, will be punished by the law
B.      The Law demands full adherence whether a person is a Jew or a Gentile
C.      The Law in the light of the work of the New Covenant in man’s heart
1.       True Jewishness is inward, not outward
2.       True circumcision is of the heart, not physical