Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ok. Here are some of the things that I can't live without. Some of them are found in the kitchen, some in my room, and some inside my bag when I go out.

1. Samsung Mp4 player. What I love about this device is that I would not need earphones whenever I would listen to it. It's filled with worship songs, by the way.


2. Oh yes, my bible. I collect different versions of it. I already have NIV, The MSG, RSV, KJV, TPV,etc. I also have with me the chain reference version.  

3. Ravi Zacharias' books. One of them which I treasure the most is entitled 'Can Man Live w/o God?' So engaging:)

4. Mags. Yeah. the above photo has got to with with Scrapbooking. I bought it at a very low price. Still good as new


5. Accessories!!! Huwat? Or I guess I just love keeping them. (FYI: hindi nga pala aking yang mga yan. kay jl. ung iba padala ninang eldie.haha). They are good as room decorations.

6. Journals. I use the lil one whenever I go out of the house. You will never know when an idea or a realization will dawn on you.

7. Calvin's! I am a hard-core Calvinist!

8. Rara's Red Box. Be it a passage, quote, a reflection, or a movie line....
You'll never know when you will need them.

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