Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Piper Learned to Preach

Where and how did you learn to preach?

I don't know. Watching my dad when I was six, eight, ten, twelve. Watching how not to do it in lots of places. Being unable to speak in front of a group from grade five to my sophomore year in college. I think I was learning to preach during that time because I was so hurt, so wounded, so discouraged, and so desperate that I had to go way down into God, and way into Scripture, and way into pain, and God was making a preacher by shutting my mouth.

You don't become an effective preacher by becoming a loquacious and effective communicator at age sixteen. You become a clever communicator, but you don't become a preacher of the holy things of God. So that was a piece.

I don't know. The courses that I took on preaching were marginally helpful. I got the lowest grade in seminary in my preaching class. I think I got a C minus in James Daane's preaching class at Fuller Seminary. We never agreed on anything except the principle that every sermon should have one point, he said that over and over again. So I made a terrible grade there. But there were other teachers that...

I think the way that I became a preacher was by being passionately thrilled by what I was seeing in the Bible in seminary. Passionately thrilled! When Philippians began to open to me, Galatians open to me, Romans open to me, the Sermon on the Mount open to me in classes on exegesis (not homiletics, but exegesis), everything in me was feeling, "I want to say this to somebody. I want to find a way to say this because this is awesome, this is incredible!"

So for preachers today that go everywhere but the Bible to find something interesting or something scintillating and passionate, I say, "I don't get it. I don't get that at all!" Because I have to work hard to leave the Bible to go somewhere to find an illustration, because everything in the Bible is just blowing me away. And it is that sense of being blown away by what's here—by the God that's here, and the Christ that's here, and the gospel that's here, and the Spirit that's here, and the life that is here—being blown away by this, I just say, "That's got to get out."

And then I suppose how it gets out. What is that? I don't know what that is. That's just the way I'm wired that I would say it a certain a way. It's owing in part to me being a lit major, you know, I studied language a little bit. Goodness, a thousand things go into your life and nobody can copy anybody else. I don't know. God makes us who we are. I don't think there is much you can do to become a preacher except know your Bible and be unbelievably excited about what's there. And love people a lot, that is, you want to make the connection with people and what's in the Bible.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Suffering profits

   The LORD is the everlasting God, 
       the Creator of the ends of the earth. 
       He will not grow tired or weary, 
       and his understanding no one can fathom.
                                              Isaiah 40:28

He understands the reasons behind your suffering. He has a deeper purpose why He allowed such thing to happen. These days you might be thinking that your days are being wasted. But it is in this season of sorrow and lack that He is giving you the thing you need most for you to be able to continue in your journey and thus fulfill your calling. Patience enlarges you. Yes, He can give what you ask now but he chooses not to because He wants you to see the beauty of finding contentment in Him alone. God is concerned much about our holiness, not happiness:)


I.                    The validity of God’s judgement (1-2)
II.                  Man’s inescapability from God’s Judgment (3-5)
A.      Of those who pass judgment yet do the same thing
B.      Of the unrepentant
III.                Rewards and punishment upon the Day of Judgment (5-11)
A.      Eternal life for those who seek honor and glory
B.      Wrath for those who reject the truth
IV.                Bases of God’s Judgement (12-29)
A.      The Law is the basis by which mankind’s deeds will be measured
1.       Gentiles, who are not under the law, will be punished apart from the law
2.       Jews, who are under the law, will be punished by the law
B.      The Law demands full adherence whether a person is a Jew or a Gentile
C.      The Law in the light of the work of the New Covenant in man’s heart
1.       True Jewishness is inward, not outward
2.       True circumcision is of the heart, not physical

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Because I am in Christ and chosen in Him, I can be sure that God's plan for my life will come to pass. 

In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will
Ephesians 1:11

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Here are some of the bible characters who encountered a seemingly hopeless situation:

Abraham- barrenness
Israelites-Red Sea
Elijah- dried brook
Widower @ Zarepath - last jar of oil
Jesus-the cross

Who else?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Jesus doesn't want you to trust your senses but
To take hold of what your eyes of faith have seen

Monday, August 16, 2010




AUGUST 15-22

QUESTION: Kung biglang nagkasunog sa bahay n’yo (wag naman sana) at may pagkakataon kang ilabas ang isa sa mga gamit n’yo, ano ang ilalabas mo?

Passages: Matt. 4:10       worship God and serve Him only
                Matt. 6:24       two masters
                Jer. 2:5b           worthless idols
                Rom. 1:25        worshipping created things over the Creator


                Revelation is the last book in the Bible. Nakasulat dito ang mga mangyayari sa Last Days at sa pagbalik ni Hesus sa earth. Nabanggit rin dito kung paano magtatapos o magku-culminate ang lahat sa walang hanggang paghahari ni God at exciting na WORSHIP na ating ibibigay sa Kanya

                Hindi aksidente ang mga bagay-bagay sa earth. Nilikha tayo ni God para i-worship Siya. Worship could mean serving Him, praying to Him, thinking of Him, singing to Him, reading His Word, seeking Him, appreciating Him, thanking Him, giving to Him, attending church, etc.

                Kung worship ang primary purpose natin, masasabi mo ba na ang buhay mo ay nagiging worship kay God? Napaprioritize ba natin ang WORSHIP sa buhay natin?

                Tayo ay WIRED to worship. Hindi natin maitatanggi na may wino-worship tayo. You either worship God or ___________. (Material things, person, artist, self, intellect)

                Dahil NEW LIFE na ang nararanasan natin ngayon, at may NEW MASTER na tayo. NEW na rin ang PASSION natin, which is to worship God. Ngayon ay pag-uusapan natin kung paano ba natin sasambahin si God.

Matthew 4:10; Matthew 6:24

Exclusively also means ONLY. Meaning, si God lang ang nag-iisang Dios sa buhay natin. Hindi music, money, person o hobby.

Ang buhay natin, katawan natin, treasures natin, talents natin ay for the Lord. Ang best natin is for the Lord. 

Sabi ni Jesus, ‘serve God only’. Ang pag-aaral natin, ministry o gawain sa bahay ay service natin kay God. Kahit mahirap OK lang, dahil worship natin yun kay God.

Mahirap mag-serve sa 2 masters. Kasi maaring ibigay natin ang best natin sa isa, at maging tira-tirahan lang si God. (Facebook vs. Devotion; friends vs. Discipleship; Load vs. Tithes)

Bakit ONLY? Dahil God is the ONLY One who can satisfy us. If you are lonely, where do you run for comfort? If you are in pain, who do you turn to? Kanino ka umaasa?

Nothing wrong with friends, money, fun, food, pet, crush, fb, etc. They are good. Pero kapag sila na pinaglilingkuran natin o feeling natin ay end of the world na pag nawala sila, nagiging idol na natin sila. Good turned into god. Romans 1:25

ONLY dapat dahil ang mga bagay na ito ay maaaring mawala, compared kay God na mamahalin pa rin tayo forever. Hindi Niya tayo iiwan. Hindi Niya tayo ilalaglag.

Question: Anu-ano sa buhay mo ang enemies ng worship?


Anong ibig sabihin ng xtravagantly? (bongga, galante, no reservation)

May examples sa bible ng mga tao na nagbigay ng xtravagant worship kay God:
David- most of the chapters in Psalms eh sinulat niya. Sumayaw siya ng hindi nahihiya habang nagwoworship siya kasama ng mga tao. Naghanda rin siya ng millions of cakes bilang celebration at worship kay God.

Mary of Bethany- spent a year’s wage para makabili ng mamahaling pabango at ibinuhos iyon kay Jesus. Pati buhok niya ay ipinampahid niya ng pabango. Napuno ng halimuyak ang buong paligid kung saan sila naroon.

Hindi tayo nagwo-worship para may makuha kay God, o dahil may gusto tayong makitang result. We do this dahil GUSTO natin ito, dahil nasisiyahan tayo dito.

Dapat nating sambahin si God extravagantly dahil WORTHY o karapat-dapat Siya nito. Hindi tira-tirahan.  Hindi unti-unti. Pabuhos. Labis-labis at umaapaw.

Sa paanong paraan natin maipapakita ang xtravagant worship?
                Sa praise and worship
                Sa school (pag-aaral ng mabuti as worship kay God)
                Sa discipleship
                Sa house
                Sa ministry
(you can give an example na true story like, may problem o may sakit tapos nagworship pa rin kay kahit dark times ay kailangang i-worship Siya)

Maaaring pag naging xtravagant worshipper tayo ay sabihin ng iba na nag-aaksaya tayo ng oras o nagiging ‘baliw’ na. Dapat tayong matuwa rito dahil nagiging evident ang pagiging xtravagant worshipper natin.  Eto ay mabango kay God.


What does it mean to be explosive? (sabog, may energy, may impact, may dating, powerful)

Worshipping God xplosively also means walang shame o itinatago about it. Kita sa iyo.

Ang pagsamba ay hindi isang monotonous at boring na gawain. Kaakibat rito ang pag-express natin ng emosyon...ito ay dahil namangha tayo, hindi gusto lang nating magpaka-emo. (The book of Psalms is a good example)

May dahilan why we ‘praise God’. (Salvation, blessings, protection, love of God, nature)

Kung ang sun, moon, stars, waters, lightning, animals ay inutusang magpuri kay God, tayo pa kaya? (Psalm 148)

Katulad rin ng isang pagchi-cheer sa game. May excitement. We don’t remain silent.

Read Psalm 100..

How can we xplosively praise God?

                Ang pagsamba sa Diyos na lumikha at nagligtas sa atin ay nagreresult sa buhay wherein evident ang power at presence ni God. Nakakapagbago ang worship. Kung totoo tayong worshippers, makikita sa buhay natin ang undivided na pag-ibig kay God (exclusive), walang limitation na paglilingkod sa kanya(extravagant), at powerful testimony natin as believers (explosive).

1.    1.   Sa tatlong nabanggit, alin ang kailangan mong pagtibayin?
2.    2.    Sabi nga, we are to worship God explosively. Kasama rito ay ang pag-express natin ng emotions sa Kanya,   with sincerity at walang hypocrisy. Anong kaibahan ng sincere worship at fake worship?
(fake: focused sa outward, kunwaring nagwoworship, double-lifestyle)
3.     3.  Anu-anong emotions ang included sa worship?  (give examples)
(thankfulness, gladness,brokenness, awe (mangha), courageousness (tapang, trust kay God), stillness, love, joy, peace, excitement...)
4.     4.  Anu-ano sa buhay mo ang mga nagiging enemies ng worship?

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ok. Here are some of the things that I can't live without. Some of them are found in the kitchen, some in my room, and some inside my bag when I go out.

1. Samsung Mp4 player. What I love about this device is that I would not need earphones whenever I would listen to it. It's filled with worship songs, by the way.


2. Oh yes, my bible. I collect different versions of it. I already have NIV, The MSG, RSV, KJV, TPV,etc. I also have with me the chain reference version.  

3. Ravi Zacharias' books. One of them which I treasure the most is entitled 'Can Man Live w/o God?' So engaging:)

4. Mags. Yeah. the above photo has got to with with Scrapbooking. I bought it at a very low price. Still good as new


5. Accessories!!! Huwat? Or I guess I just love keeping them. (FYI: hindi nga pala aking yang mga yan. kay jl. ung iba padala ninang eldie.haha). They are good as room decorations.

6. Journals. I use the lil one whenever I go out of the house. You will never know when an idea or a realization will dawn on you.

7. Calvin's! I am a hard-core Calvinist!

8. Rara's Red Box. Be it a passage, quote, a reflection, or a movie line....
You'll never know when you will need them.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Then again, maybe I won't.

Keeping my eyes on the prize

It's time to review my goals. Upon reading Elizabeth George's book, I've been challenged to walk the extra mile in pursuing my calling. Even now I'm being energized to add a dash of excellence in preparing the materials for GMYX, planning the Sunday School Classes, Break 5 meetings and leadership group discussions.

I've been trying to balance my time and check my priorities. Great is the temptation to eat the bread of idleness. God wants us to be good stewards of our time, talents and treasures. 

I think, what I've been doing now aligns with my goals. I have been...

..reading a book that motivates me to do a careful planning and put it into action. yeah, i am having a hard time when it comes to doing the plan. (Small Changes for a Better Life)

...reviewing my notes at cbs-asia. i got used into analyzing, not memorizing. Right now, I am wondering how i am going to sharpen my memory. It is an indispensable skill in preaching and teaching. 

...trying to figure out and analyze the scheme of things in our Church history. I've been longing to give concrete answers to the questions the young people use to ask.

...planning how i'm gonna bring the sunday school classes to the next level (by God's grace). right now I won't be able to do what I've been doing, since Jasmine attended the class (which is to speak in pure tagalog). I think God wants me to practice on how to teach and minister to people of different races. whoa! the desire for the nations is still in my heart!

...doing household chores... rearranging my room.

...reading proverbs. I want to grow in wisdom.

Like what Paul said, I do not run aimlessly. I run to win the prize. I want to hit the mark of His high calling in my life. God is worthy of such. So help me God:)