Saturday, July 24, 2010


1. It Only Hurts on Monday module on CBS-Asia. You can outburn burnout!
2. Got a chance to report about Pentecostalism. What an interesting discussion!
3. I could not get over with my cough. His grace sustained me.
4. Paperworks! Had discoveries as I wrote on topics such as biblical spiritual warfare, accountability, burnout evaluation (candidate for burnout).
5. Tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner @ cbs asia. Mouthwatering condiments!
6. I was able to save money:)
My illness prevented me to go out of the seminary.
7. Church History Discussion. In awe with how God intervened in and among His people. I was reminded with a certain line in a song which says 'everlasting your light will shine when all else fades, neverending, your glory goes beyond all fame'.
8. Wacky classmates. Amazing teachers.
9. CBAP Laguna Youth Fellowship @ SCBC. Refreshing worship. Haven't experienced this for almost half a year.