Friday, May 28, 2010


This summer's kinda awesome! Looking back...

... we were able to train a new set of GMYX leaders. this 3-day event helped them to understand the reason why their leadership is needed among the youth. through this event, they learned the basics of disciplemaking. Gian and his team also helped us by teaching the group the importance of clearly communicating the gospel to the given audience.

... Sta Maria's Got Talent became an avenue for the youth of santa maria to present their talents. yet more importantly, we were able to connect with them, serve them and invite them to CHRISTVILLE (GMYX Camp). Joseph and Arnold, my classmates from CBS ASIA jammed with us as well. CBH, ROck MC, Cris' Troupe, multiple choice and GMYX Band rocked the whole town. 




... The Church Anniversary were held. Got tired with the preparations..yet the message that was preached was able to penetrate the hearts of the attendees. We were able to give them updates through the video presentations of our daughter churches.



... for a sort of a rest we spent a day in talangka. There we were able to trek a hill in front of kuya nilo's house, make makis, play the guitar, eat, eat, eat. during our stay there, we saw a troop of soldiers. never did we know that there was a raid that happened, and that was the reason why we were never allowed to go out after lunchtime. 




... God did amazing things through CHRISTVILLE. 35-40 attendees committed themselves to follow Jesus. Through this event, we were able to enlist them to our regular discipleship meetings, GMYX BREAK and BREAK 5. Kuya Franco talked about the Gospel for the dechurched, and Bryan Maga spoke about the importance of renewing the mind. The preparations were smooth, and miraculously, i didn't get sick (which regularly happens whenever we'll hold an important event). haha.





... experienced a breathtaking worship at Passion 2010. Through Louie Giglio's preaching we were able to understand why we were redeemed, and that is to make the name of Jesus famous. History is HIS Story. God has been and will forever be its center, and unless we align our lives to it, they will never make a significance; we will never be able to fulfill our purpose. We were made for a greater cause and that is to give Him the glory in all we do. "All of me for His renown" is passion's battlecry:)