Sunday, March 21, 2010


              So far, I've been learning and getting familiar with the scheme of things surrounding the youth ministry. What are some of them?

        Vision is not that 'mystical' thing you see or hear from nowhere; as God's people, we need to be aware that it's God's vision we must run with and  take hold of. His vision is not for our guessing; it has been laid out in His Word. Pursuing a rich relationship with Him brings the vision to life. As a youth worker, I have realized that God's vision for us is that we will know Christ and be transformed by Him. (...until Christ is formed in you- Galatians 4:19) The ministry should be founded on Christ, and must end in Him.

         We are running in vain if we think that the end goal of our ministry are buildings, fine programs, popularity, numbers, emotional experiences. Jesus, at times, may be replaced with these stuffs. He is the substance, and unless we rely on His grace and on what He has already done and established, we might be building His work on shaky foundations. Our vision springs forth from One source, and He is Christ.

        Leadership is another means to an end: Christ. The reason why we have leadership development is for their gifts to be utilized for the spread of the gospel. For us to further understand this, this insight might help:
        "What we need to recognise and keep clear in our heads, is that Christian leadership is given by God to serve the ministry of his gospel word. Christian leadership is a means to an end: the spread of the gospel...That's what puts the fire in our belly and the message in our mouths. The great gospel of Jesus is what drives the increase of God's kingdom, and the growth of the church."  (
        Leadership serves this purpose.