Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ministry Musings

          Sometimes the church becomes the culprit why a young person loses interest in the things of God. Here is the norm now. A kid enters the Sunday School and learns Bible facts. As he progresses from level to level, he studies different lessons. The problem lies here. The curriculum is messed up. Or maybe there's no curriculum at all. The teacher just pulls a lesson and teaches them. The approach at times does not attend to their respective needs.
          When a junior steps into teenage years, he faces another world. He can't find the relevance of what he had learned in the Sunday School. He just knows the facts. He knows he's going to heaven but he does not have a firm relationship with the Lord. When he gets into college, bigger challenges come. How will he be able to face them?
         The answer lies in intentional discipleship. As a lil kid steps into the church, discipleship must happen. Whether a young person is 3 or 25, he must learn the importance of this process.
         The youth workers must coordinate with the Sunday School teachers. They must create a systematic plan in guiding a kid/youth once he stepped into the church. When a kid reaches adolescence, he/she must be prepared to face the challenges. When it comes to youth programs, it must perfectly complement what he/she has learned in his kiddie years. As I have observed, the youth ministry and Sunday school are not that coordinated. The SS Department has a different set of curriculum with the Youth Ministry. 
          Many churches experience this challenge. Some of the things we face include these situations as well:
          - a kid, upon stepping into the youth ministry is welcomed with different 'activities'. He then starts to miss what he/she has learned in the Sunday school. 'Abstract truths' surprise him/her. He/she is not prepared to learn the truths the young people use to know. 
          - the youth ministry does not have an established process to guide the youth in their spiritual growth. It sometimes ends up with entertaining events. It then starts to lose some of its kids.
          - the youth can't get edified during the worship service. the church has become traditional. The old can't engage with the young
          - The group has become exclusive since the youth is not equipped to make disciples.
          - The Youth Ministry can't get the youth in the church. They employ activities similar to the world's. What's sad is that sometimes, this attempt leads to the gospel being compromised. What is preached is what they just want to hear. Foundations, then, are failed to be carefully laid. 
         This entry's intention is not to find fault among God's people. We are already complete in Christ. The Church is Christ's bride, blameless and faultless before Him. My question is that why did we end up unequipped and ignorant of our standing in Him?
         What I am hopeful for is to see transformation among and in God's people (including myself). Understanding the gospel truths frees us from habitual tendencies to do in our own wisdom and strength what God wants us to accomplish. God has already made it basic. Paul's warning to the Corinthians applies to us:
         "But I am afraid that just as Eve was deceived by the serpent's cunning, your minds may somehow be led astray from your sincere and pure devotion to Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:3"