Monday, February 1, 2010

Uphill Battle

I've found myself telling my giant, "One of us has got to be consumed and that's not gonna be me."

The more I step farther from the comfort zone and the ordinary and thread along the unpopular path, the more things get unfamiliar. New things: people, challenges, giftings, ideas, bullies. Forget the past: the good, the bad, the achievements. Look upward. He was the God of yesterdays. He will be the God of tomorrow

Imagine the giants you faced; the mountains your faith has moved, the breakthroughs you experienced, the precious things you've let go of, the troubles you've been delivered from, the wounds you received, the battles you fought, the cobras you thread upon. The path you've walked. YOU HAVE A GREAT GOD-SIZED DESTINY. God is with you. 

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