Monday, February 1, 2010

Inexhaustible Grace

Never think that you have exhausted God's grace. A mind driven by law and performance thinks that it may have received much of God's goodness and that it came to the point where there's nothing left and God has already given up on him. Grace still powerfully does its work when you fail. Where sin abounds, grace superabounds.

The Spirit of grace carries you in every season. It is equivalent to what you are going through. Grace=struggle; grace=sin; grace=doubts; grace=dreams. Grace builds up.

All the days of your life God's goodness and mercy cover you. Are you in the desert? God's covering is upon you. Are you struggling with doubts? Remember that in God's grace He has not given you over to the doubt. Grace never fails


  1. "Grace never fails", Yes. Amen. It is even Irresistible! It is by God's grace that we've come to know, understand, and believe the Gospel. It is by God's Grace that we persevere in every trials and struggles. Praise God for that.

    Thanks for this encouraging thoughts, Czarita! Godbless you and your blog!