Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24 Things I am Thankful For

1. Improved health condition
2. Growing Ministry
3. Being able to recover from ondoy
4. Having learned to play the violin
5. Being able to study again..sa CBS Asia (with the discipline i really love!)
6. Leaders being raised in our church
7. Juniors! Makukulit na juniors.
8. People: Family, Friends, Church, Gmyx people
9. Deeper understanding of grace
10. 13th month pay from AMA
11. GMYX Break Strategy
12. GMYX Break Discipleship Material
13. Sufferings--which produced perseverance
14. New Stuffs, especially books
15. Awesome Youth Camps, Retreats, Seminars
16. Greater awareness of God's Love
17. Internet Connection in Santa Maria
18. New Celfone
19. Realization of my calling
20. People who invest their time and effort to help the ministry
21. New Instruments sa church
22. Teachers, mentors, wise friends..aheheh
23. Being able to lead worship (bakit biglang umayos ang boses ko? ahehehem)
24. God's grace and favor in everything i do

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