Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who Touched My Clothes?

Mark 5:25-34

Have you experienced spending much money for a certain cause?

Many of us tried to save money to buy celfones, gadgets and things we need.
We also spend much of our allowance to go online (facebook, DOTA, etc.)
Some of us don’t mind spending much to get beautiful (parlor, dress, polo)
For these efforts to save and spend we enjoy their benefits.
Yet this certain woman spent all she had and yet didn’t get what she needed. Worse, she ended up suffering.

This woman suffered from hemorrhage for almost 12 years. She had been looking for cure and spent all she had to get healed yet she was frustrated. Imagine the pain of seeing your savings fly by just because of an illness. Feel the discouragement of not getting the healing you’ve been longing to experience.

News about Jesus reached her and when she heard it, she didn’t hesitate to go with the crowd. She didn’t doubt His power and simply believed that Jesus was able to heal her. This time, she did the ultimate step of faith---she touched Jesus’ clothes. Jesus, feeling that the power came out of Him, looked for the woman and declared healing, peace and freedom.

Maybe right now you are experiencing a situation seemingly impossible to overcome. You may have a problem in your family or maybe you are having a hard time with one of your subjects. Or you’ve been wondering where you are going to get the money for your tuition fee.

Worse, for a very long time you’ve been asking God to heal you. You’ve been worried how you might be happy again since your close friend left you.

Due to these things we end up tired, and some of us do the best that we can yet nothing happens. We end up down and hopeless.

What gave the woman hope? It was Jesus. She heard about Him--that He works miracles and He is able to heal. She believed right away that He is able.

You need not lose hope because you have Jesus. If you know Him, you will trust Him. In which area in your life do you need to trust Him?

Don’t limit what God can do cause He has got all the power to heal, free and restore you. He gives provision, wisdom or strength to those who ask Him. Mind you, He has got a lot to give. He has got the ability and willingness to meet your every need. Some people are willing to help us just like the doctors who tried to heal her, yet they have limitations. God is able, all we need is to tap into His power. Just like the woman who reached out and touched Jesus’ clothes, we need to make a step of faith as well.

When Jesus felt the power had gone out from Him, He tried to find the one who tapped into it. Our act of faith catches God’s attention . Faith paves the way for God’s power to move in your life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been suffering or how big the problem is; His power flows to those who reach out to Him in faith.

In what area in your life you need to have your faith activated?
If you sense that God is leading you to make a step of faith, do it right away!

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